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  • Minimum booking - 2 hours

  • Rates include use of all studio gear except drum kit

  • Studio must be notified 24-hours in advance of cancellations of scheduled sessions, or a one hour cancellation fee may be applied

  • Hourly rate includes engineer and operator (Pro Tools). If you are a Pro Tools operator, or have your own Pro Tools operator, contact the studio for a custom quote

*Suspect Studios accepts payments by cash, personal checks or by Paypal*

Suspect Studios - Terms and Conditions

In order to complete your recording project in the most cost-efficient and effective manner possible, the following Studio Terms and Conditions are provided. These rules allow Suspect Studios to keep our prices competitive, our equipment in perfect condition and all of our clients completely satisfied. Please read carefully.

  1. Recording Deposit - A fifty dollar ($50.00) non-refundable recording deposit is required in advance, to reserve studio time for recording projects. The Studio will take reservations for three months after the the date a deposit is received. If after three months, no bookings are made, the deposit shall be considered null and void.

  2. Payment for Services - It is expected that clients will pay for studio time as it is used, at the end of each session. With arrangements made prior to the start of recording, the Studio can offer payment terms. All balances must be paid in full thirty days after recording services are provided.

  3. Master Tapes and Files - The Studio reserves the right to hold all master tapes or computer files as collateral until any outstanding bills are paid in full by clients. The Studio encourages all clients to take possession of their master recordings at the completion of a project, and is not responsible for any damage to any master recordings left by clients at the Studio for storage. In addition, if any master recording is left at the Studio for more than six months after the completion of a project, physical ownership of that tape or computer file shall revert to the Studio, and may result in the disposal or deletion of that recording.

  4. Session Cancellations - If a session needs to be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled for any reason, the client must notify the Studio at least twenty-four hours in advance of the scheduled start time. Failure to do so may result in the client being billed for the time scheduled, whether it was used or not.

  5. Start of Sessions - Clients are expected to be on time for all scheduled sessions. Billable time begins at the scheduled start time and the client may be billed from that time, whether the client is present or not.

  6. No Smoking Policy - Because of the damaging effects of smoke on electronic equipment, Suspect Studios is a non-smoking facility. Clients may smoke in the parking or elsewhere outside the facility.

  7. Equipment Damage - Clients are responsible for any damage to Studio equipment occuring as a result of client abuse or misuse. Repair or replacement costs will be added to the client's bill, and continued misuse will lead to termination of the project.

  8. Client Conduct - The Studio will make every effort to accommodate all client's needs in terms of scheduling, equipment and staffing. It is expected that clients will conduct themselves in a professional manner. Any behavior that threatens the health and safety of any other client, or staff, or any behavior that threatens damage to the Studio or its equipment, will be cause for immediate suspension of a session, possible grounds for termination of the project and the potential filing of criminal charges against the client.

  9. Intellectual Properties - Clients will assume all legal responsibility and liability for any copyright clearances, authorizations or royalty payments required for the mechanical reproduction of samples, loops or any other pre-recorded musical or spoken word performances, whether from downloads, computer disk, cassette, record or compact disc. The Studio assumes no copyright infringement liability on any recording service provided in the studio.

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