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Life in Fenderland Pt. 5

Installment 5 Fender by the Numbers... The '65 Super Reverb Reissue The next amp in the reissue series is the '65 Super Reverb.This is a more imposing amplifier, in both size and sound, than the the smaller reissues. At 45 watts and with 4-10" Jensen P10R vintage style speakers, this amp can generate some serious volume. It is driven by 4 X 12AX7 and 2 X 12AT7 preamp tubes and two 6L6 output tubes, and features a tube driven reverb and tremolo circuit as well as "blackface" cosmetics. At roughly 24" high by 25-1/2" wide and 65 lbs., this amp does offer some challenges for transportation to and from gigs, but the result is well worth it. Of all the blackface reissues, the '65 Super Reverb is my favorite. It has the most "personality" of any of the original reissue line. It has the general vibe of the Twin, but with 4-10" speakers instead of the Twin's 2-12" configuration, it is tighter and punchier, especially with single coil guitars. Highly recommended for the funky stuff (and here's a studio secret - it also kills on pedal steel!). The '65 Super Reverb is very much at home on larger stages; in fact, a recently aired PBS concert of the Tedeschi Trucks Band featured both Tedeschi (that would be Susan Tedeschi - lead vocals and guitar) and Trucks (that would be Derek Trucks - lead guitar) playing through '65 Super Reverbs. Although my guess would be they were using vintage units and not reissues, it speaks highly of the vibe and versatility of this particular tube amp. At 45 watts and 65 lbs., the '65 Super Reverb can be a little intimidating but it is well worth checking out in the pursuit of clean Fender tone.

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